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How do I create a PAMM account with MFM Securities?

 A PAMM Account Manager can control the funds of other investors, earning a percentage of any profit on the account, depending upon the success of their trading. The equity required for investors to invest in a minimum of USD200. Thus, this requires Account Managers to deposit a minimum of USD200 in order to have a total of equity of at least 200.00.   

To create your PAMM Account: 

Log in MFM Securities vault https://vault.mfmsecurities.com/ -> from the main menu, choose and click the tab "Become PAMM Account Manager"-> select the type of PAMM Account you wish to open and the currency denomination "USD" -> and choose whether you would like it to be public or private and fill in the investment details for your setting. 

*The bonus will be deducted if the trader/manager chose eligible bonus account.