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How do I select the best Account Manager for my PAMM account?

Our main tip for you! Under 'PAMM Menu' -> 'PAMM Accounts' -> click any ‘nickname’ of the 'Account Manager' that you would like to see their portfolio. At the 'Risk Assessment,' section -> click 'Profit Factor.' Profit Factor should give you a clue on the performance of that particular Account Manager. When the value is '1.0' and above, it shows that the performance of that selected Account Manager is a profitable trader; the higher the value, the higher the performance. When the value states 0.9 and below, it is considered as a loss trader.  

Past results are not an indicator of future performance! MFM Securities provides the PAMM service to managers and investors but is in no way involved in the management of accounts. MFM Securities takes no part in the management of funds invested by clients in the PAMM account service.